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Tennessee Surveillance Investigator Charles Piper is a licensed private investigator who previously served for 20 years as a federal special agent.  He often works alone.  But when necessary and approved by his clients, Piper frequently teams with other licensed private investigators that previously served in law enforcement - many of which served 20 or more years as federal agents.  In addition, Piper also provides private investigative services as a Mississippi Surveillance Investigator.


  • Insurance Fraud
  • Slips and Falls
  • Workers Compensation Fraud
  • Activity Checks – Verification
  • Infidelity (Cheating Souse)
  • Child Custody
  • Employee work travel verification
  • and more…


1.  Some clients simply want, need and deserve peace of mind.  Perhaps their partner has shown indications of infidelity or a pattern of apparent deceit.  Surveillance can often help determine if the partner is involved in questionable activity outside the home.  Proof can sometimes be had by obtaining  photographs and/or video of outside activities and/or in-person associations.  

2.  Sometimes people falsely claim they are injured and/or physically unable to perform certain or many physical acts.  They may make the false claim(s) to get out of going to work or looking for a job, to collect Workers Compensation and/or as an attempt to sue and/or get an undeserved settlement.  Often through surveillance, evidence can be obtained which proves the claimant performs physical activity which they said they could not.  (It’s usually best to obtain evidence of such activity on more than one occasion.)

3. In child custody cases, evidence obtained that proves wrongful or harmful behavior or lifestyle can be damaging to one side.  Even the company one keeps around the child or children can prove important. 

4. Sometimes spouses collect alimony and/or child support based on information which the court relied upon. But later, the facts change which could alter or change the dollar amount that must be paid each month. Sometimes it’s proven that a person is gainfully employed when they previously said they were not. Sometimes it’s proven that others (sometimes new companions) are living full time in the same house as the x-spouse when it was understood that would not be the case.

5.  Sometimes employers want to verify where their employees go while on the clock.  Sometimes employers want to know if former employees are taking away their business clients (perhaps in violation of signed employee agreements). Surveillance can be a valuable tool to help prove the facts. 

Who Can Request Surveillance?
Pretty much anyone: Individuals, Attorneys, Businesses & Employers, etc.


There’s more work involved in preparing for surveillance that many imagine.  A combination of viewing on-line aerial maps and satellite and street level views and perhaps short reconnaissance drive-bys are often performed to prepare for surveillance.  It’s important for the investigator to know the nearby street layouts and the types (and license plates) of target and other related vehicle(s) as well as where they frequently park.   When possible, it’s also good to know the same of suspected destinations.  Often social media profiles are searched for and viewed along with other internet and subscribed to searches and queries made. Preparing in advance helps increase the chances of success. Equipment must also be prepared/loaded (and unloaded).  Surveillance vehicle selection is also important.  Piper has access to several different types of vehicles.  In short, advance notice is in always best.


After surveillance is performed, Tennessee Surveillance Investigator Piper writes detailed investigative summary surveillance reports so clients know exactly what was attempted and accomplished.  Photos and video obtained must also be downloaded and sometimes saved, processed, logged and secured as evidence.  If useful photographs or video were obtained, clients are provided with the results.


Factually, sometimes limited surveillance performed results in no useful information being obtained.  Often the results depend upon the number of hours/days surveillance performed, the number of investigators assigned, and even geographical settings. Sometimes targets never leave their house!  Sometimes heavy traffic and/or erratic target driving can make surveillance difficult. Factually, neighbors and neighborhoods can also present challenges.  Dark evening environments may also make obtaining photographs difficult. The point is, no one can guarantee the outcome of surveillance in advance.

However, skillful, well planned surveillance with sufficient time and resources can often provide the proof or peace of mind desired.


Memphis Surveillance Investigator, Charles Piper has testified at hearings from coast to coast.  He has over 35 years of investigative experience.  If your case does have to go to court, you’ll be glad you hired a professional and experienced private investigator.


The initial consultation is FREE.  Typically a retainer is paid in advance. 



In Tennessee, Piper serves as a:
  • Tennessee Surveillance Investigator
  • Memphis Surveillance Investigator
  • Collierville Surveillance Investigator
  • Germantown Surveillance Investigator
  • Bartlett Surveillance Investigator
  • Shelby County Surveillance Investigator
  • Jackson Surveillance Investigator
  • and also performs surveillance in other Tennessee cities, towns and counties.


Piper also performs surveillance in nearby Mississippi.

Piper serves as a:

  • Mississippi Surveillance Investigator
  • Olive Branch Surveillance Investigator
  • Southaven Surveillance Investigator
  • and also performs surveillance in other Mississippi cities, towns and counties
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