Photo: On June 17, 2014, Mr. Jim Ratley, the president & CEO of the
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), 

presented Charles Piper, CFE (on left) with,
 Outstanding Achievement Award (the “Hubbard Award
while at the
ACFE's Annual Fraud Conference & Exhibition
in San Antonio, Texas.

Phone: (901) 237-4684

Operating from West Tennessee, CHARLES PIPER’S PROFESSIONAL SERVICES is a licensed and insured private investigation and consulting company.  Active networking affiliations are wide, growing and national in scope.  Adhering to state licensing requirements and reciprocal agreements permit CHARLES PIPER’S PROFESSIONAL SERVICES to conduct investigations in other states across the United States.  Therefore, clients can be assured their investigative/consulting needs will be accommodated.

Mr. Charles Piper, the owner of the company, is also a licensed and insured private investigator and consultant.  He has over thirty years of proven investigative experience.  His nationwide investigations have established culpability, corrected systemic weaknesses, and resulted in the recovery of millions of dollars.   
Mr. Piper previously served at the U.S. Military, State-Local, and Federal levels.  Some of his high profile work received national media coverage by several news sources including: ABC News, C-Span, Fox News, CBS News, Time Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, People Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Chicago’s Tribune and Sun Times and The Los Angeles Times, etc.

As a Federal Agent, Mr. Piper also provided investigative assistance into the September 11th terrorists’ attacks on America.

Piper is a graduate of three law enforcement-investigative academies and continues improving his professional and investigative skills by exceeding annual certification and licensing requirements.  His credentials include being a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified in the Reid Technique of Interview and Interrogation (CRT).  Mr. Piper has served as an Interview and Interrogation Subject Matter Expert and he provides fraud awareness, ethics, and other training to professional organizations.   

As a Federal Agent, Mr. Piper led taskforce investigations and working groups comprised of members of the finest law enforcement and investigative agencies in the country.  As a direct-line patrol supervisor and detective, Mr. Piper maximized the use of resources, information and intelligence to ensure objectives were met.  He received numerous awards for his accomplishments.  Mr. Piper knows the importance of using the right resources for the right jobs – and he ensures the jobs get done.
CHARLES PIPER’S PROFESSIONAL SERVICES believes strongly in the importance of integrity, dependability, investigative persistence, commitment-to-the cause, professionalism and results.  
All cases are taken seriously.

Charles Piper,
Licensed Private Investigator
(Retired Federal Agent)

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